Brisbane is serviced by 2 cruise ship terminals one at Portside Wharf Hamilton and the other is at Port of Brisbane at the mouth of the Brisbane River. The majority of cruise liners that visit Brisbane currently dock at the Portside Wharf cruise terminal, located on the north side of the Brisbane River 10 km from Brisbane CBD and 6km from Brisbane Airports. The Port of Brisbane terminal uses the Multi –user Terminal and only hosts a small number of cruises. This terminal is approximately 25 km from Brisbane CBD and 23 km from Brisbane Airport.

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Portside Wharf, Hamilton

Portside Wharf is capable of welcoming ships up to 270 metres in length, including the P&O Aurora and the Oriana, two of the largest ships to dock in Brisbane. Other luxury liners that have docked at the terminal include The World, The Volendam, The Sea Princess, and The Amsterdam. Portside Wharf has presented Brisbane with a new state-of-the-art terminal facility, a world class dining and retail offer, and a range of luxury residences, encapsulated the best aspects of Queensland life in one place, and access their every need in one location. On arrivals we normally pick up passengers at 9:00 am, for departures we have a drop off time of 11:30am. These times may vary depending on ship schedules.

Port of Brisbane, Fishermans Island

Port of Brisbane terminal is located on Fisherman’s Island on the southern side of the mouth of the Brisbane River. Cruise ships use the Multi – user terminal which accommodates larger cruise boats that are unable to dock at Portside Wharf. This terminal has very limited facilities and access. Depending on the Shipping Schedule we normally pick up arriving passengers at 9:00 am with departing passengers dropped off at 11:30 am.