Nobody likes fine print so we’ve left ours in regular font and tried our hardest to keep it brief.

Please see our standard terms and conditions below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  • CANCELLATIONS or NO SHOWS: 100% cancellation fee applies for no-shows, or cancellations within 24 hours of the transfer. Refer to flight delays/cancellations for exceptions. Cancellations made giving more than 24 hours notice from the scheduled transfer will receive a full refund less a $15.00 administration and handling fee.

  • FLIGHT DELAYS/CANCELLATIONS: In the case of flight delays, ATC will wait up to 45 minutes, and only agree to wait longer at the discretion of the operations manager. In all cases, ATC will endeavor to provide a substitute service at a later time, subject to availability. ATC will provide a full refund, with no cancellation fee, for passengers that are unable to utilise our services as a result of commercial flight delays or cancellations. The customer must advise ATC when they become aware of a cancellation or substantial delay, or they could be deemed as a ‘no show’.

  • SERVICE TERMS: Travel times listed by ATC are a guide to ensure there is sufficient travel time to carry out our transfer under normal operational conditions. ATC does not take any responsibility for missing flight or tour connections arising from delays i.e. abnormal traffic congestion, poor weather, road works or from variation of times or delays caused by customers.

  • EXCESS LUGGAGE: Guests travelling must advise ATC if they are travelling with excess baggage, or bulky items which may not fit in the vehicle luggage compartment. ATC has luggage trailers available, which may be organised with prior notice, at a nominal fee.

  • CLEANING FEE: ATC reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of $100, if any passengers soil or damage the interior or exterior of the vehicle.

  • UNRULY or INEBRIATED PASSENGERS: ATC reserves the right to refuse the carriage of passengers that appear to be unruly, violent, or excessively inebriated. The decision to refuse carriage is the responsibility of the driver, with the intention of protecting our driver safety and the condition of our vehicles. In the case that carriage is refused, a 100% cancellation fee applies.